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Navigating Winter and Holidays: A Tenant’s Guide


As the winter chill settles in and the festive season approaches, tenants face unique challenges that require a bit of extra attention. At Citizens Advice Cardiff & Vale, we understand the importance of a warm and stress-free home during these months. Here's a guide to help you navigate the winter season and holidays as a tenant. Heating Hacks: Keeping your home warm and cosy is a top priority during winter. Ensure your heating system is in good working order by bleeding radiators and checking the boiler. If you encounter any issues, report them promptly to your landlord or property

Navigating Rental Arrears: A Winter Guide for Landlords

08/11/2023|Advice, News|

As winter settles in, landlords face unique challenges in ensuring a smooth and stress-free tenancy for both themselves and their tenants. Citizens Advice Cardiff & Vale understands the importance of maintaining positive landlord-tenant relationships, especially when dealing with rental arrears. Here's a comprehensive guide to help landlords navigate these challenges during the winter months. Open Communication: The key to resolving rental arrears often begins with open communication. Reach out to your tenants early if you notice any signs of financial strain. Understanding their situation can pave the way for finding mutually beneficial solutions. Flexible Payment Plans: Consider offering flexible payment

Advice Column: Halloween Costumes

02/10/2023|Advice, News|

Halloween is coming up and my children are keen to dress up for trick-or-treat. I’ve read about accidents involving costumes catching fire and I’m worried about buying an outfit that could be highly flammable. I don’t want to spoil their fun but I do want to make sure everyone is safe. How can I check if the costumes would be safe for my children to wear? It’s not easy being the ‘safety police’ when everyone just wants to have fun - especially when that fun includes extravagant costumes. Children should always be kept away from naked

How to Maintain Good Landlord-Tenant Relationships in the Private Rented Sector


Maintaining a positive relationship between landlords and tenants is important for a harmonious living environment and a successful rental experience. Whether you're a landlord or a tenant in the private rented sector, fostering good communication, setting clear expectations, and addressing concerns promptly can help prevent misunderstandings and create a mutually beneficial arrangement. This article will explore key strategies that can help build and maintain excellent landlord-tenant relationships!   Establish Clear Communication Channels: Open and transparent communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. Landlords and tenants should establish clear channels of communication right from the start. Provide tenants with

Navigating Rent Increases: How to Handle The Ever-Changing Rental Market

18/07/2023|Advice, News|

Rent increases are a common occurrence in the private rented sector, and as a tenant, it's essential to be prepared and know how to navigate them effectively. In this article, we will explore various strategies and tips to help you handle rent increases and ensure a smoother transition in the ever-changing rental market.   Understand the Local Rental Market: One of the first steps in navigating rent increases is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local rental market. Research current rental prices in your area to determine if the proposed increase is reasonable. Consider factors such as location, amenities,

How to Deal with Rent Arrears: Landlord Edition


As a landlord, one of the challenges you may face is dealing with rent arrears. Late or unpaid rent by tenants can create a number of difficulties. However, it's essential to handle this situation with a level-headed and proactive approach to ensure a fair resolution for both parties involved. This article will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips on how to effectively deal with rent arrears as a landlord.   Understanding the Tenant's Situation: Firstly, it’s most important to approach the situation with empathy and understanding. It's essential to consider the tenants current situation, they may have faces

Top Tips for Effective Budgeting and Saving: The Private Rented Sector

16/06/2023|Advice, News|

Living in the private rented sector comes with its own financial responsibilities. Effective budgeting and saving are essential to ensure financial stability and make the most of your income. This article will discuss strategies to help you manage your finances efficiently and save money while living in the private rented sector.   Track Your Expenses: Begin by assessing your current financial situation. You can use budgeting apps or simply maintain a spreadsheet to categorize your expenses. Take note of all your expenses, including rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and discretionary spending. Understanding where your money goes each month is the first

Rent Arrears: How to Deal with Late or Unpaid Rent Payments

02/06/2023|Advice, News|

Keeping up with rent payments is essential for maintaining a healthy tenancy. If you fall behind on our rent payments you will be in rent arrears, which can lead to financial strain, legal complications, and strained relationships between landlords and tenants. Experiencing rent arrears can be a distressing situation. However, it is important not to ignore the issue as it can lead to the risk of losing your home. If you find yourself struggling to pay your rent on time or have fallen behind on payments, it's important to take action promptly. In this article, we’ll provide steps to take

Understanding your credit score: A guide to what your credit score means and how to improve it

23/05/2023|Advice, News|

Understanding your credit score is an essential part of managing your finances. It’s an important factor in your financial health, as it can affect your ability to get approved for loans, credit cards, and even renting an apartment. Understanding your credit score and how it is calculated can help you take steps to improve it. Here's a guide to what your credit score means and how to improve it: What is a credit score, and why is it important? Your credit score is a number that represents your creditworthiness, based on your credit history. It's used by lenders, banks and

Understanding Your Rights As A Tenant In The Private Rented Sector

15/05/2023|Advice, News|

Renting a property in the private rented sector can offer flexibility and convenience, but it's important to understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Here are some key things to keep in mind: Tenancy Agreement: Before signing a tenancy agreement, make sure you understand its terms and conditions. A tenancy agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms of your tenancy, including the amount of rent, the length of the tenancy, and any obligations you and your landlord have. It's important to read this agreement carefully and understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Rent and

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