Overview of Debt

This 6 hour course is delivered over 2 days and is suitable for generalist advisers and frontline staff such as support workers who would like a basic understanding of debt to assist their clients.

This is a practical course, using a combination of trainer presentation, exercises and group discussion. The course is split over two half days and covers:

  • Different types of debt
  • Causes of debt
  • Categorising debts as priority or non-priority
  • Enforcement of priority debts and possible options for dealing with them
  • Enforcement of non-priority debts, including an overview of the county court money claims process
  • Completing financial statements
  • Informal options for dealing with non- priority debts, including making offers of payment, write offs and full and final settlements
  • Overview of the formal options of Bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders, Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Administration Orders